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Chetna is a labor of love started by Dr Santosh Kumar whose decade and a half long career exhibits his immense desire to help families achieve goals that they were told were not possible for their children. In his long and enterprising career he has held multi-dimensional roles at various organizations including Udaan, Vasant Valley and Shakti 4 Kids. At these organizations he has helped numerous children; infancy through age 18 with developmental or birth disorders, traumatic injury and severe illnesses. Every little milestone achieved by these children has been a personal victory for him, setting him apart from other therapists. Over the years while working with these amazing kids he felt a pressing need to modify the current therapeutic approach towards children with special needs. Having seen how parents of special needs kids are their strongest advocates he plans on building the mother child bond further to shape the individual childs growth. Each program that he wants to develop addresses a specific need for the child alongside their mother. Also, he strongly believes in running an evidence based practice that includes taking in account parent sensibilities, clinical expertise and research backed ideas to develop specific programs for children. Finally, he wants to establish proper assessment tools to better serve kids and to witness continued results over time. For fourteen years he has strived to meet the needs of the community who seek his expertise and experience. With Chetna, he has brought together an energetic and bright team of occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and behavior therapists whose primary goal is to return each child to his or her optimal level of health as early as possible.